Laura Mercier

Ambre Vanille Exfoliating Body Wash

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Exfoliate and hydrate skin with strawberry seed and sugar scrub-infused body wash. 

Laura’s fragrance inspiration combines two of her favorite notes to create a unique interpretation all her own. The soft sensuality of Amber blends effortlessly with the warm comfort of Vanilla to create a fragrance of feminine elegance and sophistication. Infused with fresh floral notes of Tangerine, Tiger Orchid and Heliotrope, and enhanced by Almond, Brown Sugar, Coconut and musky Sandalwood, the effect is an intimate, personal fragrance that is rich, yet discreet.

Indulge with Laura Mercier’s Exfoliating Body Wash. Sugar scrub and strawberry seeds eliminate impurities and enhance circulation while a blend of lightweight oils and extracts provide intensive moisture leaving skin soft, supple, and radiant.


Removes dead skin cells and impurities
Helps improve an uneven skin tone
Improves skin elasticity
Doesn’t dry out skin
Leaves skin feeling refreshed & hydrated
Mild enough to use everyday


The product doesn’t dry out my skin (97%)
The product doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped (97%)
The product left my skin feeling smooth (94%)
The product did not leave my skin feeling tight (100%)
The product is mild enough to use every day (100%)

SOURCE: Based on an independent US consumer study on 34 participants

TECHNOLOGIES: Skin-friendly naturals that support the body’s cellular turnover for healthy, glowing skin