Baume de Rose Beauty Toner

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Rose water toner. Infused with actual rose petals. Hydrates, revitalizes, and balances all skin types.

A hydrating rose water toner that tightens and tones skin after cleansing. Works on all skin types. This skin-transforming beauty toner stars a potent blend of real rose petals and hydrating rose extracts to refresh and plump the skin, infusing it with moisture. The perfect next step from your cleanser, it sweeps away any lingering impurities, while boosting hydration by up to 64%* in a single application, leaving it dewy, soft and prepped for serum or moisturizer. Boasting all the nourishing benefits and mood-boosting fragrance of the original Baume de Rose. Soothing and easy to use.


Real rose petals work to revitalize a tired complexion. Rosehip oil delivers a good dose of hydration, while pastel rose extracts leave skin conditioned and soft. Eau de rose damascena tones the skin and tightens pores.


Based on customer testing, 100% participants have agreed that their skin felt thoroughly cleansed, toned, hydrated and revitalized; their complexion felt soft, smooth, supple and more luminous; and their pores less visible. Clinical tests showed that participants’ skin hydration levels increased by up to 64%.

Use twice daily, morning and evening, before your serum and moisturizer. Place a few drops in the palm of the hand and inhale the rose scent for a holistic treatment. Then apply to the face and the neck, massaging into the skin.