Vera Lighted Vanity Mirror - Black

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With a gorgeous sleek finish and large oval mirror, Vera makes every beauty session feel like a true MOMENT, even if you're just applying moisturizer. But Vera is not all form and no function. In addition to a heavy, non-slip base and a 45-degree tilt, she has three dimmable LED light settings and a 30-min auto-shutoff. No wonder Good Housekeeping crowned her Best Cordless Makeup Mirror. 



No More Beauty Mishaps

 Achieve a natural, flawless look - every time

 The Perfect Lighting, Every Time

 Tweeze, blend, contour or shave to perfection

 Say Goodbye To Bad Lighting

Three light settings that color-correct for any environment

 Rechargeable Power

 Eco-friendly battery reduces waste and saves you money



  • Tru-Glow™ LED Lighting System with 95 CRI
  • 3 light temperatures: Soft White, Neutral White, and Natural Daylight
  • Dimmable light function
  • Mirror is 1X magnification
  • Tilts 45-degrees forward/backward
  • 30 minute lights auto-shutoff
  • Rechargeable battery - lasts up to 10 hours per charge
  • Alternative USB plugin power
  • Mirror glass: 9.5" (240mm) L x 5.5" (140mm) W
  • Product size: 13" (330mm) L x 6.5" (165mm) W