Even Tone

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Daily serum to correct all causes of unevenness.

Even Tone is a daily serum that targets all causes of unevenness to improve the homogeneity of skin. Created for all skin tones and types, including sensitive skins, it corrects areas of uneven pigmentation, such as age spots and sun damage, and smooths skin texture. Applied morning or evening, its soothing and refreshing texture absorbs in seconds, revealing an instant glow. Amber microalga cleverly targets areas of excess melanin only, to preserve skin tone. Gentle acids smooth skin texture without irritation. Niacinamide evens out signs of past and current imperfections, including redness and enlarged pores.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Corrects uneven skin tone
  • smoothes texture

Key ingredients

AMBER MICROALGAE correct hyperpigmentation and age spots. A smart melanin modulator, it is only active in areas where melanin is irregular, thus preserving natural skin tone. 

Gentle acids: MANDELIC and GLUCONIC acids are non-irritating and suitable for daytime use and sensitive skin. They gently exfoliate and stimulate cellular turnover, resurfacing skin texture to smooth the complexion.

Always at the heart of Omorovicza’s formulations, the patented HEALING CONCENTRATE™ unlocks skin’s youthful vitality. This mineral elixir, capturing the power of Budapest’s thermal waters, is proven to boost collagen and elasticity, reduce cellular inflammation, as well as reinforce skin’s barrier function.

Suitable for all skin types

Apply a few drops morning or evening to face and neck, before moisturizer.