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Gift the healing properties of colloidal gold to repair and strengthen skin, with the Gold Collection Cabinet. Colloidal gold's potent anti-inflammatory benefits help increase cell activity to reduce micro-damage such as age spots and pigmentation. This intensely nourishing collection delivers a lifted, firmer appearance to skin, and includes a Gua Sha to enhance microcirculation, reduce puffiness and promote better absorption of our restorative formulations

This set contains:

  • Gold Rescue Cream 50ml & 5ml
  • Gold Night Drops 30ml
  • Gold Eye Lift 15ml
  • Gold Hydralifting Mask 15ml
  • Queen of Hungary Mist 30ml
  • Queen Cleanser 15ml
  • Mask Brush
  • Gua Sha

Gold Rescue Cream: After cleansing, apply Gold Rescue Cream evenly to the face and neck.

Gold Night Drops: Apply Gold Night Drops evenly to a cleansed face and neck and follow with moisturiser.

Gold Eye Lift: After cleansing, gently dab Gold Eye Lift along eye socket using the ring finger. Gold Hydralifting Mask: Apply the Gold Hydralifting Mask to the face and neck, leave for 10-15 minutes, then wipe off excess. Suggested usage 1-2 times per week.

Queen of Hungary Mist: Spray onto the face from a distance morning and evening post-cleansing or whenever your skin needs refreshing.

Queen Cleanser: Rich, velvety and comforting, Queen Cleanser has a texture inviting generosity. As a morning or evening cleanse, apply a satisfying amount to dry or damp skin and massage in circular motions for a couple of minutes. Rinse well with water, or an Omorovicza cleansing mitt for some gentle exfoliation.