On The Bright Side

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Be your brightest with Patchology's On The Bright Side Brightening Face & Body Kit! These at-home treatments will leave your skin glowing from head to toe.

On the Bright Side includes:
2 Pairs Flashpatch Illuminating Eye Gels
2 FlashMasque Illuminate Sheet Masks
1 Poshpeel Pedi Cure Pedicure Treatment

Flashpatch Illuminating Eye Gels:
An occasional boost of radiance can help us all feel better. Under-eye gels containing Vitamin C provide the right pick-me-up, plus green tea extract to improve circulation and reduce the appearance of dark under-eyes, mulberry extract to brighten skin from within, and reflective pearlescent minerals for an immediate luminous glow.Infused with the perfect balance of antioxidants and minerals, Illuminating helps to fight environmental hazards while keeping skin soft and vibrant. Rejuvenate your skin and maintain optimum hydration for a refreshed and more youthful look.
Green tea: lightens the appearance of dark circles under eyes.
Mulberry extract: antioxidant that gives a youthful glow from within
Vitamin C: softens fine lines and brightens skin tone

FlashMasque Illuminate Sheet Masks:
Brighten your day with the FlashMasque® Illuminate 5-Minute Sheet Mask. Designed to even skin tone, and brighten your complexion.Featuring an unbeatable combo of vitamin C, licorice extract, and grapefruit seed extract, Illuminate provides the same brightening effects as traditional sheet masks - but in just 5 minutes! Allowing for easy, convenient brightening, these masks are the perfect addition to any skincare routine to restore your skin's natural luster.
Vitamin C: helps stimulate the production of collagen
Licorice extract: brightens and evens skin tone
Grapefruit seed extract: provides antioxidant protection from environmental toxins

PoshPeel Pedi Cure Treatment:
It’s never been easier to give yourself an at-home pedicure than with help from Patchology's  PoshPeel™ Pedi Cure. Foot creams and epsom salt can only do so much for your cracked heels and dry skin. When you need to reveal the baby-soft skin beneath, you can trust this gentle foot exfoliant to do the job. A single-use pedi peel delivers the deep hydration and gentle exfoliation your feet need to reveal the soft skin beneath. The mix of AHA + BHA Botanical Blend effortlessly dissolves dead skin and exfoliates rough patches in the most gentle way without irritating healthy skin. If you’re planning a vacation or you want your feet to look picture-perfect, it’s recommended to use our at-home foot peel kit at least three weeks in advance. From start to finish, wear socks to keep dead skin contained. Protect your feet until everything is done shedding, and don't manually peel any skin.
Glycolic acid: penetrates skin deeply and exfoliates
Salicylic acid: softens skin and removes dead cells
Lactic acid: hydrates and encourages the skin to slough off
Citric acid: helps speed new cell turnover
Botanical extracts: brighten you up on the outside