PediPOP! Pedi Buffer & Nail File | Cotton Candy

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Pamper your feet with gentle cleansing exfoliation and convenient nail filling for expert grooming with our PediPop Body Wash Infused Pedi Buffer® in satisfying Cotton Candy with soothing pomegranate, inflammation-reducing cherry blossom, and skin-softening sugar musk. The unique popsicle-inspired combo makes shaping nails and soothing heels a refreshing experience with tender cleansing on one side and soft textured scrubbing on the other.

Smells Like:

Pure nostalgia

Feels Like:
Cloud-soft heels and toes

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Pomegranate

Middle: Cherry Blossom

Base: Sugar Musk

How to Use:

Moisten each cleansing buffer with water and squeeze to release lather. Massage the buffer in a circular motion to cleanse and exfoliate all areas of the feet. Pay special attention to the nail bed, dry patches, and rough heels. Use file to buff and shape toenails. Rinse and squeeze out excess water after each wash and recycle after last use.