Phyto-Blanc La Lotion Brightening Hydration Lotion

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The ideal preparatory step for a more moisturized skin that is more receptive to subsequent skin care products.

Size: 150 ml


An essential brightening preparatory step, Phyto-Blanc La Lotion stimulates the skin's natural exfoliating process, moisturizes and ideally prepares the skin for subsequent skin care products.

It acts on 3 levels :

1. EXFOLIATING ACTION It gently exfoliates to eliminate the dead skin cells that can dull the complexion to reveal a smoother and more radiant skin.
2. BRIGHTENING ACTION Enriched with the Phyto-Blanc complex, the complexion appears brightened and more unified for a luminous, transpart look.
3. PREPARATORY MOISTURIZING ACTION It envelops the skin in a veil of moisturization and ideally prepares it for the next Phyto-Blanc skin care products.

Instantly, the skin is more intensely moisturized, more supple and more receptive to subsequent skin care products. Day after day, the appearance of dull complexion is improved, the skin looks more transparent and more luminous.

How to Apply:

Apply La Lotion to clean face and neck. Smooth with fingertips, gently massaging into skin until it has been completely absorbed. Follow with usual Phyto-Blanc skin care routine. Apply night and day. All skin types.