Restorative Hand Cream

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Intensely moisturizing skin care to beautify the hands and support nail care

Size: 75 ml


The combination of an intensely moisturizing and nourishing cream and a skin care treatment that supports more beautiful nails. Its complete formula acts on all fronts to moisturize, nourish, and restore.

A duo of moisturizing key ingredients, composed of a Biosaccharide solution and a plant-based sugar, continuously capture and retain water. Chestnut extract supports skin’s barrier function in order to better retain water in the heart of the epidermis. A cryoprotectant key ingredient, the product of scientific research expeditions to Antarctica, also helps support improving skin hydration.

In addition to comfort and nutrition, the Restorative Hand Cream skin & nail care acts for beautiful nails by softening the cuticles for perfectly groomed nails.

Its surprising texture is light yet rich when applied, for immediate comfort; it provides a powdery finish that isn't sticky or leave an oily film.

Nourished and restored hands recover their beauty, softness and suppleness. Cuticles are nourished, softened and less visible, nails are visibly more beautiful.

How to Apply:

Apply as often as necessary on clean, dry hands. This skin & nail care is also recommended for supporting more beautiful looking nails and cuticles.