Sisleÿa L'Integral Anti-Age Hand Care Anti-Aging Concentrate

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A high-performance skin care product to fight against visible signs of aging on the hands (wrinkles, dark spots, loss of density and plumpness, skin dryness, etc.).

Size: 75 ml 


Hand Care Anti-Aging Concentrate produces a truly complete anti-aging action to protect and rejuvenate the hands.

1. It smoothes the micro-relief and reduces the appearance of fine lines due to a powerful complex of key ingredients: Lindera extract, Persian Acacia extract, and a Yeast and Soy protein complex.

2. It visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots due to a powerful skin evening key ingredient, Hexyl Resorcinol. This is combined with two anti-free radical key ingredients (Vitamin E Acetate and Buckwheat seed extract).

3. It helps restore the skin's look of plumpness and elasticity with Padina pavonica extract to contribute to the skin’s plumped up appearance and Persian Acacia extract.

4. It provides absolute comfort that is instant and lasting.

Silky and melting, its non-greasy texture is rapidly absorbed and leaves a velvety finish on the skin.

From the first application, Hand Care Anti-Aging Concentrate provides visible effectiveness: the skin is moisturized, protected; the micro-relief is smoothed. With repeated applications, wrinkles look smoothed, skin more plumped up looking, dark spots appear diminished (in number, size, and intensity) and the skin’s bounce and elasticity feel restored. Day after day, the hands look more youthful.

How to Apply:

Allow to penetrate by lightly massaging into the skin for a transparent and velvety finish.