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The skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the body and is especially susceptible to signs of visible aging such as fine lines, ‘crow’s feet’ dryness, and dehydration. Puffiness, dark circles, and swelling, which are sometimes hereditary, can be exacerbated by sun exposure, lack of sleep, lifestyle, and stress, and are also related to poor blood circulation. As the next invention following her SUPER ANTI-AGING COLLECTION, Dr. Barbara Sturm’s SUPER ANTI-AGING EYE SERUM addresses skin microcirculation to depuff, brighten, and refresh the eyes, and leave skin hydrated, smooth, and plump. 


  • Polysaccharides - reduce the appearance of dark circles to deliver a brighter appearance to the eye area
  • Red Algae Extract - provides an immediate anti-fatigue effect reducing the appearance of eye bags and puffiness
  • Calanthe Extract – firms and tightens delicate skin and supports collagen and elastin production
  • Purslane Extract – an anti-aging powerhouse which helps soothe irritation and freshen the eye area
  • Gluconolactone & Hyaluronic Acid - delivers intensive hydration and helps skin maintain moisture


  • Use daily, AM and PM. Dispense one to two drops onto the ring finger and gently pat around the eyes. Follow with Dr. Sturm’s EYE CREAM and FACE CREAM
  • You can store the SUPER ANTI-AGING EYE SERUM in the refrigerator and apply it cold to enhance its effects.


  • Polysaccharides, Red Algae Extract, Calanthe Extract, Purslane Extract, Betaine, Hyaluronic Acid, Biosaccharides, Gluconolactone, Panthenol, Glycerine.