Supremÿa At Night Anti-Aging Cream

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A remarkable anti-aging product for dry skin that unlocks the revitalizing power of your skin every night.

Size: 50 ml 


Designed with chronobiology in mind, Supremÿa At Night works in the dark, at the precise moment for skin regeneration.
Skin’s regeneration mechanisms are optimal in young skin and weaken with age, causing the appearance of visible signs of aging (wrinkles, a loss of firmness and radiance, etc.).
The Supreme Anti-Aging Cream unlocks skin’s revitalization power so it can recover from daily damage and prepare to fight the aggressions of the following day.

At its core, the formula contains the Fundamental Regeneration Complex™ that helps to target key stages of the night to ensure intense and optimal anti-aging rejuvenation. The combination of carefully selected ingredients of natural origin perfectly meets the skin’s needs throughout the night:

RESYNCHRONIZES the fundamental mechanisms of the night cycle*
RECOVERS from daily damage
DETOXIFIES the skin**

This Fundamental Regeneration Complex™ works with the latest key ingredients to target 25 anti-aging markers for long term visible results. Skin looks more youthful and ready to face the aggressions of the day.

This rich balm offers total comfort, it easily melts into the skin without leaving a trace. It is scented with Supremÿa’s signature floral notes for an exquisite nighttime routine.

The glass bottle is designed to be recycled.

How to Apply:

Apply in the evening, after The Supremya Anti-Aging Skin Care Lotion using the Fundamental Regeneration application ritual.