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A preparatory Anti-Aging Skin Care Lotion to initiate the regenerating and restorative power of the Supremÿa At Night ritual.


During the day, the skin uses all of its energy to fight and protect itself from external stress factors. At night, when the skin is sheltered from stress, the natural skin repair processes are activated. Nighttime then becomes the optimal time for skin regeneration to effectively fight against visible signs of aging. It is the understanding of this chronobiology that is at the origin of the expertise of Supremÿa Collection.
The Supremÿa Anti-Aging Skin Care Lotion is the prelude to the Supremÿa At Night ritual to ideally prepare the skin at the surface and help improve its receptiveness to subsequent regenerating skin care products. An essential and highly sensory step to awaken the power of night, with three actions:

Intensely moisturizes
A combination of moisturizing key ingredients ideally prepares the skin for the skin care ritual to encourage optimal absorption of the subsequent ingredients. The skin is intensely moisturized and feels more supple, soft and silky.

Stimulates and tones
The Supremÿa Anti-Aging Skin Care Lotion improves skin's receptiveness to the benefits of the Supremÿa skin care. The skin is revitalized and toned.

Activates the skin's revitalizing nocturnal process
Infuses the skin with key anti-aging ingredients to support the nighttime power of the Supremÿa At Night ritual. The face looks visibly refreshed and rested, the skin appears regenerated.

Innovative and ultra-sensory, its precious texture creates a sensation of freshness and transforms into a comfortable, enveloping veil when massaged in.
Non-greasy, silky and soft, The Supremÿa Anti-Aging Lotion leaves an imperceptible velvety finish on the skin's surface. The subtle signature floral notes of Supremÿa—Damask Rose, Magnolia and Geranium—offer an olfactory bouquet for a moment of absolute well-being.

The glass bottle was designed to be recyclable.
Non-comedogenic. Tolerance tested under dermatological supervision. All skin types, including sensitive.

2023 Marie Claire 2023 Skin Award Winner: Toner/Essences & Favorite for Mature Skin

Instantly, the skin is softer and silkier. Night after night, with the Supremÿa skin care products, the face looks visibly rested and the skin seems smoother, toned and radiates youthfulness.

How to Apply:

In the evening, apply 2 to 3 pumps to a thoroughly cleansed face and neck using an activation technique, until the lotion is completely absorbed, then follow with the application of the Supremÿa collection skin care products.