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The Brilliance Brightening Facial

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About Brilliance Brightening Facial
This 2-step cotton mask delivers brightening benefits in just 8 minutes. Over time, it helps diminish the look of dark spots and even skin tone. Skin looks more refined, polished and luminous. A soothing Infusion Primer prepares skin for the brightening benefits of the sheet mask itself.

How To Use
Apply the Infusion Primer to cleansed face. Unfold and apply both upper and lower masks. Rest with mask on for 8 minutes, then remove and discard. Massage remaining treatment into the skin and follow with your La Mer regimen.

Key Ingredients
Miracle Broth: The cell-renewing elixir at the heart of La Mer is formulated with hand-harvested sea kelp and other nutrients and minerals unlocked via a natural fermentation process. Surging with vital energies, Miracle Broth™ empowers the five facets of healing – moisture, regeneration, soothing, smoothing and radiance – helping bring skin back to its healthiest center.

Other Details
6 Sheet Masks
Infusion Primer Size: 6x 0.59 oz