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The Everything Oil™ Angelic Clementine

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The Everything Oil™ Angelic Clementine...for our beauties who love our original award-winning, The Everything Oil™, but prefer a sweeter, citrus aroma to an earthy one. Our rare organic oil is unrefined and the aroma is a cross between a dreamsicle and a freshly peeled clementine on a warm summers day...practically angelic. 

The Everything Oil™ Angelic Clementine is a revolutionary skincare product that replaces all other products in your skincare routine (use as your eye, face, lip, neck & décolletage serum and moisturizer, both day & night). *We highly recommend the use of sunscreen following a.m. application of the oil. 

Made with 100% USDA certified organic, sustainably-sourced, high-purity, cold pressed prickly pear seed oil, our proprietary A3 Concentrate™, and a angelic blend of organic essential oils, The Everything Oil™ Angelic Clementine benefits everyone…all ages, all genders, all skin types. 

The benefits of The Everything Oil™  Angelic Clementine to your skin are vast and in our opinion, quite magical:

+ anti-oxidant protection
+ diminishes the look of aging
+ anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties
+ skin appears visibly brighter
+ relieves and hydrates dry skin
+ pores appear smaller
+ improves texture
+ reduces the look of under eye circles and lines
+ softens skin
+ improves cell turnover
+ boosts collagen production
+ reduces the look of dark spots and acne scars
+ gives a luminous glow to all skin types.

The Everything Oil™ Angelic Clementine is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, cold-pressed, organic and formulated without water, alcohol or silicone. Our rare organic oil is unrefined and imparts a natural, nutty, earthy aroma...some people say it smells like hay or even a barn. If you prefer an oil with a citrus aroma (using only organic essential oils), try The Everything Oil™ Angelic Clementine instead of the original formula.

The only ingredients that go into The Everything Oil™ Angelic Clementine are the ingredients that need to be there to make it effective: cold pressed, organic and sustainable prickly pear seed oil + a pinch of our proprietary A3 Concentrate™ + our proprietary organic essential oil blend.